Frequently asked questions

Wish creation

  • 1.Whom can I create the wish for?
    1. - For yourself, so that friends give you a present you want
    2. - For a friend to raise money with a group to make his/her dream come true
  • 2.How to create a wish and start raising money?
    You can create a wish on Wishround in two ways:
    1. - Create a wish manually. This option enables you to create any wish and raise money for it.
    2. - Create wishes on our partner stores' websites. Thus, all basic parameters of the wish will be filled in automatically by the system.
  • 3.How long may I raise money for my wish?
    1. You can collect money by the date you specified during the wish creation
  • 4.What can I raise money for?
    You can decide what occasion you raise money for.
    Your friends, relatives, colleagues often give you different presents separately. With Wishround you can raise money for one meaningful present for occasions like:
    1. - Birthday
    2. - Wedding
    3. - Birth of a child
    4. - Travel
    5. - Housewarming
    6. - Party
    Do you want us to add other occasion types? Please don't hesitate to write to
  • 5.Why should I add pictures and description to the wish?
    Statistics shows that wishes with colorful pictures and engaging texts have greater chances to raise money. The more attractive images, the better! Make sure you add pictures of the wish you want as well as photos of you or the wish recipient. Don't forget about the description!
  • 6.How much do I pay for wish creation on Wishround?
    Wishes creation is free. You only pay 4.99% of the collected amount if you transfer it to your bank accout.
  • 7.How many active wishes can I have?
    You can have only one active wish at one time.

Money raising

  • 1.Is it like I cadge a present from my friends?
    No, you don't need to ask for anything.
    If your friends are not going to congratulate you in any way or you do not have a big day, if you do not have dreams, this service is not for you, sorry friend...
    Use Wishround only in the following cases:
    1. - You have a dream for which you need more money than people can usually give you individually.
    2. - You know exactly what you want and you are sick and tired of useless gifts.
    3. - For you it's better one meaningful gift than a dozen useless ones.
    4. - You want your friends, relatives, colleagues to know that they have spent money not in vain, and you will be really satisfied with the present!
    5. - You and your friends are going to give a desired gift to your common friend.
  • 2.Tips and tricks to increase fundraising
    1. - Spread information about the wish in all social networks you use!
    2. - Send private e-mails and messages to close people – they definitely want you to be satisfied with the present, but do not know what exactly to give.
    3. - Do not forget about colleagues and playmates! Everyone wants to make you happy and will be able to join your present!
    4. - Post in a social network about your desired gift can go down on the page within a few hours. That's why it is useful to regularly raise your post and invite friends to comment on it.
  • 3.What if I do not raise enough money for a wish
    We do our best to make wishes come true but anything can happen.
    If your friends don't want to help you fulfil your dream, you can always add funds to the wish account on your own or withdraw collected amount to your bank account instead of buying the gift.

Wish management

  • 1.May I stop my campaign?
    Yes, log in to Wishround, go to your wish page and click 'Wish Control Centre' at the top of the page. Choose 'Wishes' section and click 'Stop campaign'.
    There are few important points:
    1. 1. If your wish already has funds, when creating a new wish, we transfer these funds to the new one.
    2. 2. This does not apply if you have created a wish in one of our partner stores and you want to transfer funds to a wish from the other store or to the wish that you created manually. You can spend money collected for a wish created in a partner store only in the same store.
  • 2.How do I make a post about my wish in social networks?
    Just copy the link of your wish and paste it to your post in a social network, add nice text about your wish and tag friends! You can also find the wish link in 'Wishes' section in the Wish Control Centre.
  • 3.Spending the funds raised in partner stores
    You can spend the funds raised on Wishround in online stores that Wishround is connected to and that have a possibility to pay through Wishround.
    1. 1. Chooce an item you want to buy and proceed to checkout.
    2. 2. At checkout choose "Pay via Wishround».1
    3. 3. Log in to Wishround and pay for the purchase.
    4. 4. If you do not have enough money to pay, you will be offered to pay the rest with Visa/MasterCard credit card.
    1You can spend wish money only in the same store where the wish was created!
  • 4.Can I transfer funds to my bank account?
    Yes, you can transfer money to your bank account with 4.99% fee. Option is available in 'Transfers' section in the Wish Control Centre.
    You can also transfer money from your Wishround balance to your friend's one for free. Please look for this feature in 'Transfers' section in the Wish Control Centre.

Partner stores

  • 1.Where can I find a list of partner stores?
    The current list is here:
  • 2.I have not found what I want in partner stores
    You can still create you wish manually!
    Please use this link: Create Wish


  • 1.What are the service fees?
    When a wish is created and paid for in a partner store, it is absolutely free of charge.
    Fee for money transfer to a bank account is 4.99%.

Service security

  • 1.Is it secure to use Wishround?
    Absolutely! We have worked on service security for many months. All data are strictly protected. Our technology partner Microsoft Azure provides the highest standard of data storage and processing security, while cooperation with Mangopay electronic money and Payline processing enables to secure transactions via the Internet. Wishround uses the state-of-the-art encryption and secure data transmission standards via the https protocol (meaning that you can make payments on Wishround website even via Wi-Fi public access points).
    We do not store your payment card data.

Become a partner

  • 1.I have an online store, how can I become Wishround partner?
    We would be happy to connect your store to Wishround! Please leave us your contacts by filling in a short application form and we will get back shortly:
    You can also write us in our chat! We'd love to hear from you!

How It Works

Create a Wish
With just a few clicks, you can create a wish or choose a gift from a partner store
Share with your friends
Spread the word about your wish on facebook and twitter or share a direct link to it
Get Your Gift
Pay for the gift in a partner store with the funds you raised

Connect your store! It's free

Place the “Wish it!” button on your website and add Wishround as a payment method in your store
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